Cost Effective Solutions For Concrete Retaining Walls

Domestic Use

Retaining walls come in lots of different shapes and sizes and can range from relatively inexpensive to extremely costly depending on the project they are needed for.

Many homeowners use retaining walls to support against vertical slopes of earth. The walls retain soil which otherwise collapse into a more natural shape.

Domestic walls aside, larger scale retaining walls are becoming a more common solution to many construction projects today.

Construction Industry

We have quoted and built retaining walls recently for projects ranging from, flood defence retaining walls, to a city centre project that needed a huge retaining wall built throughout the centre of the location.

“The great thing about Retaining walls on larger projects is that they are extremely versatile and are relatively easy to install” This was the feedback we received recently from a Civil Engineer who we were working alongside on a large project.

The retaining walls themselves can be used for a wide range of projects too. Roadside Embankments, Construction sites, Riverbank flood defence. This solution is also extremely popular at the moment for the Waste Management and Agriculture sectors where the retaining walls are used to form bays for separating different types of waste, materials or feed.

We covered the reasons the construction industry should be considering using recyclable concrete recently in our blog, and this concept along with the reasons listed above are key drivers at the moment in why precast concrete retaining walls are becoming an extremely attractive and cost effective way of producing retaining walls at a fraction of the cost of using traditional concrete.

Precast Concrete for Retaining Walls

The simple truth is, the strength of precast concrete blocks is almost the same as traditional concrete, yet produces much less carbon in production of the concrete and this is playing a huge part in the success of this particular type of product all over the UK.

The Impact of the Circular Economy is gaining more and more momentum and this is driving forward even more reasons why companies who use these products are looking for sustainable, eco-friendlier ways to enhance their green credentials and provide them with a cost-effective solution

Precast concrete is also extremely versatile too. It can be moved around to suit the environment and depending on the end user’s needs. This very reason alone has been enough for a huge amount of Waste Management and Recycling companies to approach us recently for Segregation Bay solutions. From a Waste Management perspective, these concrete Lego Blocks are perfect for building and moving walls around their yards quickly and efficiently with little fuss.

Cost Effective Solution

In addition to the reasons above, one of the most attractive drivers in making the decision to purchase precast concrete blocks for retaining walls is undoubtedly price. With the cost of manufacturing traditional concrete much higher than precast concrete products it’s no surprise that everyone, from the largest contractors to the smallest waste management businesses see precast concrete retaining walls as the most cost effective solution when the need arises.

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Alternatively if you would like to learn more about retaining wall design why, not click here to download our free retaining wall guide.

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