5 Things About Concrete Lego Blocks You Need To Know!

Versatility & Flexibility

In previous blogs we have discussed the importance of the Circular Economy, and the impact it could have if embraced in the right way across the world. One thing we don’t feel that we shout enough about however is what sets our products apart from the rest, other than the fact they are made with 87% recyclable materials.

One of the things that sets our Concrete Lego Blocks apart from more traditional concrete blocks is just how versatile and flexible they can be. For blocks that weigh just over 1.1 Tonne each, they can be lifted and moved fairly effortlessly and then laid again in another location without any fuss. When we are working with Waste Management companies across the UK, this can be a really important factor especially if they need to move segregation bays around to different parts of their site from time to time. This is a big reason for considering our product in the first instance and is also true of projects we have assisted with in the Construction sector, Agriculture sector and for Road and Rail projects too.

Faster Solution for Retaining Walls

Concrete Lego Blocks can be used for a variety of projects as we’ve discussed already, and one of the most popular uses of this product is for the erection of retaining walls for a variety of projects. We wrote a blog recently where we discussed simple retaining wall design and shared a downloadable guide too which has been extremely popular with Civil Engineers and engineers alike.

The main reason they are so popular is quite simply because of the cost effectiveness of the blocks compared to traditional concrete blocks and because of the speed in which they can be erected. This makes them perfect for both Gravity retaining walls and reinforced retaining walls. More traditional concrete walls can take much longer to build and bond before setting. click here to download the free guide

Cost Effective Solutions

We have touched upon a couple of huge considerations when considering Concrete Lego Blocks however, one which is often a pleasant surprise to customers is, how cost effective they actually are. Traditional concrete can be a time consuming and costly solution with the amount of money that goes into extracting the raw materials and mixing right through to curing and delivery.

The recyclable concrete blocks we produce don’t rely on the same methods and because of this can be produced in a more environmentally sound and cost effective way, without losing too much strength of traditional concrete.

Delivery and Lifting

Delivery schedules and actually lifting or unloading the Blocks is often a consideration when thinking about Concrete Lego Blocks. When discussing a project with prospective clients, and right after we’ve established their needs for the project, we ask a series of questions intended to find out as much detail as possible about the intended use of the blocks, access to the site, and whether they will require one of our teams to unload the blocks and complete the build for them. In addition to the initial questions, establishing if the blocks are intended as a temporary or permanent structure is always an important aspect too as this will enable us to recommend whether we use blocks cast with eyelets or not. Eyelets are cast into our blocks to enable them to be lifted and moved with the minimum of fuss, and are also important if the blocks are to be moved in the future. Delivery is often one of the most straightforward elements as we can deliver anywhere in mainland Britain within relatively short timescales.

Recyclable Materials Used

 With the Circular Economy gaining so much traction and being forced to the forefront of most companies and countries minds, using materials that have been recycled is often a massive plus point for us. We use Geopolymer concrete as our core material so we can offer a high specification concrete block at a reasonable price. Many of our clients who have done business with us have commented that this was a real factor when choosing to use us. Only 60kg of carbon is used in its manufacture compared to 232 Kg in traditional concrete. This reduction in just one block is the equivalent of driving 500 miles in a car. By using recyclable materials, which loses little of the strength of traditional concrete, we can offer a more cost effective and environmentally solid solution to companies needs whilst also boosting their green credentials.

To find out more about our products or if you are interested in receiving a quotation call 0800 880 3135 and we’d be delighted to assist. Alternatively click here to learn more about the industry sectors our products are suitable for. https://www.blockwalls.co.uk/sectors-we-work-in-2/

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