We have successfully completed hundreds of projects both in the UK and globally. Below are a few examples of our work.

Landscaping Retaining Wall Blocks Used To Construct the Pond that Won Best Show Garden – Chelsea Flower Show

The best show garden was awarded to James Basson for the M&G garden at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The inspiration for the garden came from a visit to Malta where James visited an abandoned limestone quarry.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have won best in the show for the first time,” Basson said. “It is an incredible feeling and a testimony to the hard work of the whole team.”


BlockWalls was contacted by Peter Harkett from PH Landscaping. He was looking for a construction solution to build the garden pond that was structural, fast to build and economical.

Blockwalls quickly put some ideas together on a 3D drawing. A few months later the client came back to place the order.

During the manufacturing process, the designer changed the concept. Blockwalls quickly adapted and designed a number of bespoke blocks. Blockwalls worked around the clock as time was passing quickly.

The blocks arrived on site on time for the construction, and there were no hiccups during the construction process. Blockwalls supplied a full set of workings drawing to help the site construction team.

Jonathan Quinn the CEO and owner-founder of Blockwalls said “We are committed to delivering projects on time, to budget and to the highest quality standards. We will go the extra mile to make sure our projects deliver customer satisfaction.

Landscaping retaining wall blocks by Blockwalls are becoming the best selling product for the company. There are many ways to use the blocks. Blockwalls have developed a number of design solution using Landscaping retaining wall blocks

Recycled Concrete Blocks Help Build Veolia Recycling Centre

Blockwalls supports the circular economy by manufacturing concrete blocks from waste streams then using the blocks for segregation bays

Veolia is a global organisation employing 187,000 worldwide who are tasked with contributing directly to the sustainability performance of customers in the public and private sectors. In the UK Veolia provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials.

Block Walls is experimenting with a process to convert glass bottles into aggregate that can be used to manufacture concrete blocks. The idea is to use recycled glass from Veolia depots, turn it into aggregate and manufacture concrete segregation blocks that can be used within Veolia plants. This saves the waste going to landfill, therefore assisting the circular economy. A win-win for Veolia and Block Walls.


As a responsible employer Veolia endeavours to protect and care for the welfare and development of their employees so required a sustainable, practical and safe solution for their waste storage bays at the Bidston Recycling Centre on the Wirral. With a twenty-year Waste Management and Recycling Contract worth £640 million for Merseyside and the Halton region alone. The solution requires a block that is capable to withstand a relentless hammering of the heavy duty loaders that move waste materials from one area to another.

Block Walls support two of Veolia’s Risk Management Values, namely:

  • Striving for outstanding health and safety performance in the work place.
  • Identifying and limiting industrial and environmental on-site risks.


Over 200 Stackabloc blocks were delivered and installed in a LEGO style configuration saving valuable build time. Each block weighs over 1,000 KG and is made from eco-mix concrete consisting of 87% recycled materials. The interlocking design and overall weight of the blocks provide a robust and solid bay designed to take the constant impact and pressure exerted from heavy plant.

From a health and safety perspective the Stackabloc bay has provided a solid and reliable solution, helping keep the site organised. Veolia Bidston’s Manager of Operations Stuart Gwilliam commented “The Block Wall solution has a solid, robust and practical design that will sustain the daily pounding of many tonnes of waste a day being unloaded, compacted and rotated and will last for years to come.” He added “The simple interlocking design meant the heavyweight Stackablocs  could be installed quickly and easily, and form a sturdy U shaped bay to store separated household waste.”

North West Construction use Blockwalls to create Concrete Segregation bays

“We wanted a fast build solution that could take a good hammering from our Plant”

North West Construction Limited is a family run business that has been established for over 20 years. A large, professional construction company based in Birkenhead, they provide a wide range of commercial construction and demolition services. Following a recent strategy review they have developed an efficient recycling enterprise that collects and sorts mixed waste from a variety of sources.

With an impressive list of customers in the public sector the Bromborough sortation centre has grown rapidly and required a straightforward and effective solution for separating waste types. Block Walls provided the answer.


Heavy plant unload, store and compact mixed waste in large volumes on a busy recycling site. A series of functional concrete segregation bays were required to give the site a sense of order and clear.

Although traditional walls were considered (which North West Construction could clearly have built themselves) a more robust solution was required to ensure longevity. Local business Block Walls manufacture stackable concrete blocks interestingly produced from 87% recycled materials.


100 STACKABLOCS were used to form concrete segregation bays by interlocking the 1066 KG heavy-duty concrete rectanglesBlock Walls design team planned the number and format of the build so the install ran quickly and smoothly. The flexibility of the design means structures can be dismantled easily to form new layouts based on demand.

Another key feature for recyclers especially is the A1 fire resistance of the product, perfect when dealing with flammable waste streams. In summary the build time, practicality and cost benefits added up to a straightforward decision for North West Construction.

Product features include: Excellent mechanical impact and heat resistance; quick to build; cost effective; and easily re-configured.

Low cost solution for segregation bays and push walls

Mone Bros move a lot of aggregates and needed a low cost solution to build concrete push walls to allow fast loading for delivery. Virtabloc was the solution!

Yorkshire-based Mone Brothers specialise in landscaping materials, stone, aggregates, plant hire and recycling among other services.

In recent years their product range has grown from sands and gravels sourced from their own quarries, to recycled and decorative aggregates, top soils and SMR products from their recycling depots. Due to their growth, space became restricted and the need to separate the materials and create “concrete push walls” became vital.


Mone Bros pride themselves on the quality and cleanliness of their aggregates; and storing them separately from adjacent materials is essential.

Having previously spent many years trying to make aggregate storage bays out of materials such as steel joists and old railway sleepers with mixed success; they realised it was time to find an effective and more sustainable solution


360 Virtablocs were used to create a series of bays, which allowed the company to store a wide range of aggregates in an organised system. This not only improved the working environment but streamlined the day to day operation.

The new bays are proving particularly important for Mone Bros production of recycled aggregate called SMR (Structural Materials for Reinstatement). It is used in the construction and utility industries as the equivalent to Type 1 aggregate. With new products being added regularly the versatility of interlocking blocks became a huge plus. A further benefit realised during this project was flexibility. The concrete block can be lifted and rearranged to make different sized bays as storage needs change.

Product features include: Excellent mechanical impact and heat resistance; Quick to build; Cost effective; Easily re-configured.

Blockwalls solution provides the density required to store X-Ray equipment safely

Stackabloc has the density required to protect people from the storage of company’s X-Ray equipment.

ITCL are the market leader in the pipeline inspection market. Offering consultancy services including phased array, eddy current array, tube inspection and ultrasonic inspection.

A recent investment in radiography technology used to identify the integrity of pipelines has meant the business needed to build an inhouse X-Ray Laboratory and Dark Room. Given the time constraints on the project and the density required to safely contain such equipment, Director Mike Dodd tasked a local business Blockwalls to provide a solution.


ITCL are based in a series of industrial units in Ellesmere Port; close to Stanlow Oil Refinery. Their range of inspection techniques and methods test the integrity and material hardness of industrial plant and pipelines. The use of radiography is an emerging technique which is particularly good at detecting volumetric flaws, including voids, gas pores and solid inclusions. ITCL have taken a strategic decision to invest in specialist equipment and therefore required a dedicated X-Ray Suite and Dark Room to be built with the sufficient wall density of 750mm in order to contain the X-Ray and Gamma X-Rays when the equipment is in use.


Seventy Stackabloc blocks were delivered and installed within a few days of placing the order building a “Concrete block Dark room” . The area and design of the space was agreed with ITCL; and following a quick calculation a CAD drawing was produced.

From a health and safety perspective the Virtabloc wall has provided a solid and reliable solution, creating an effective working environment in next to no time.

Benefits realised by ITCL included;

  • Speed of construction
  • Cost saving of 24% on materials and labour when compared to a traditional solid wall build
  • The density specification met the requirements of the X-Ray manufacturer so it was fit for purpose
  • The manufacturing process utilises 87% recycled material which fits with the ITCL ethos and positive attitude towards sustainable solutions

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