Concrete Block Retaining Walls

Our Concrete Block Retaining Walls can be used to construct a range of retaining wall structures from 1.0m to 6.0m. Higher walls can be constructed using geo mats to construct reinforced earth walls. The examples below are 1.0, 1.5, 1.8, 2.4, 3.0 and 4.8m high walls.

The designs use a reinforced concrete raft and a kicker to give the wall greater stability for the resistance of slip, overturning, bearing and overall stability limit states. Formwork is not required for the reinforced wall element as the blocks act as permanent formwork.

The height of the internal reinforced wall element on walls over 3m is 1.2m and for walls under 3m is 600mm.

The depth of the front kicker for the 1m wall is 200 mm and for the 1.5m wall is 300 mm.

We can design anchor block and reinforced earth wall retaining walls. These are value engineered to deliver greater economic solutions. Designs are subject to local ground conditions.


Earthbloc –  4.8m High
Reinforced earth wall


Virtabloc –  3.6m High
3.6m High Retaining Wall


Virtabloc – 3.0m High
3m high retaining wall

Virtabloc  – 2.4m High

Retaining Wall 4 block


Virtabloc LD – 1.8m High
£ Block retaining Wall


Virtabloc – 1.0m High
1m high retaining wall


Construction stages for the central kicker

Stage 1 – Excavate and cast a reinforced raft. Cast in the wall started bars.

Stage 2 – Lay two row of block, two block high with a 300mm gap in between the rows of blocks.

Stage 3 – Pour concrete between the blocks to cast the reinforced concrete wall.

Stage 4 – Lay the rest of the blocks to form a 3m or 3.6m walls as shown in the sketches


Construction stages for the front kicker foundation

Stage 1 – Excavate and cast a reinforced raft. Cast in the wall started bars to the front kicker

Stage 2 – Lay the complete wall

Stage 4 – On completion of the wall cast the front kicker


We Can Design Your Retaining Wall For You

Virtacloc, Design servicesWe offer a full design service from simply working out how many blocks you require for your project to full design including drawings and calculations.

Our full design service can include:

  • Planning applications
  • Structural engineering design and calculations
  • 2D and 3D CAD drawings and BIM models
  • Building regulation applications
  • Full project management services


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Call today and tell us about your project. We can then design it and give you the quantities of blocks you require together with a quotation. We supply all the method and risk assessments and COSHH data sheets for installation. Opening hours from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays).