Saltley Scrap Yard Fire

After recent events in the West Midlands which seen over 800m tonnes of metal and plastic, set ablaze at a Recycling Centre, there is an increasing focus on the correct segregation of flammable waste at sites all over the UK.

Smoke was visible across the area for almost 2 days and over 70 firefighters battled the blaze which began last Tuesday afternoon, and took over 24 hours to get under control.

Fortunately, there were no casualties during this latest incident, however the question regarding segregating waste correctly has been thrust into the spotlight again after recent events.

Environment Agency Legislation

We spoke earlier in the year about legislative changes introduced by the Environment agency, to integrate appropriate segregation at waste depots to ensure they are complying with the changes to the law, however it seems that there are still Recycling and Waste Management depots around the UK that haven’t introduced correct measures yet. See our blog here

The change mentioned above ensure that different waste streams and potentially higher risk, flammable waste streams are segregated away from the other parts of the site and probably just as importantly, are kept safely contained, before being used or exported away from the site

How To Segregate Flammable Waste Effectively

We have been inundated with queries and requests for our blocks in 2016 from waste management companies all over the UK who have either been visited by the Environment Agency recently and given a timescale of when they need to implement concrete segregation within their yard or from companies who are expecting a visit soon and know what the EA will be requesting of them in terms of appropriate segregation.

We have found that both our 1.6m long x 800mm wide x 800mm high block and also our 1.8m long x 600mm wide x 600mm high blocks have been the most popular solution depending on the requirements for most projects. Our blocks are also perfect for these types of environments not just because of their fire resistant qualities but also because they don’t have to be a permanent fixture on site and can be re-manouvered to suit your needs at any time.

Each block is cast with a lifting bar in each block. A clutch is then attached to your Telehandler or Forklift, and this enables machinery to pick up blocks that can weight anything from 1.1 tonnes to 2.4 tonnes each and move them into position with ease.

If you’ve been visited by the Environment Agency recently regarding correct segregation and would like to discuss one of our solutions, please call us today on 0800 880 3135 or simply click here to leave a few details and we’ll get in touch shortly.

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