Blockwalls offer the best value interlocking concrete blocks on the market. We can beat any price because we manufacture in volume. We’re a bespoke concrete block manufacturer and solutions provider with a focus on civil, groundwork and infrastructural projects specialising in retaining walls and material bays.

Simple and easy to install, we offer a wide range of interlocking blocks that create a multitude of fire grade structures of up to 4 metres in height. All of our block formulas are stress tested to meet with British Civil Engineering industry standards and to stand the test of time. A range of finishing blocks are also available, providing a high-aesthetic finish to any construction project.


Our reinforced interlock block range consists of our patented pending stack block design, offering the ability to build structures higher than 8m in height. We use rebar that is installed at the base. This provide increased stability to protect both integrity and strength.

Blockwalls is a cost-effective alternative to comparable steel soil reinforcement or conventional reinforced concrete retaining walls. Blockwalls are precast at our site resulting in easy availability and faster construction.

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