We’ve been manufacturing and selling Concrete Lego Blocks now for more than three years, however never before have we seen as much interest in a new product as we have had over the last few months about one of the smallest blocks we manufacture, the Wallbloc.


Our latest Concrete Lego Block is small in comparison to its older siblings, the Virtabloc and Stackabloc however what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in versatility.

The Wallbloc comes in three sizes.(See image below)

Wallbloc Retainer


We started receiving lots of enquiries before Christmas about the Wallbloc when we added it to the website as part of the 2016 range, and, to be honest, some of the enquiries weren’t quite what we were expecting.  We quoted these projects anyway and then got back in touch with the clients in January to discuss the finer details of the requirements. Between the start of January and now, however, we’ve been inundated with requests and orders for our latest block which is great to see.

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One of the first things we noticed on our return in January was just how many engineers out there were specifying our latest blocks on their drawings and technical specifications. Civil and Structural engineers around the UK really seem to like the versatility of the block and the amount of uses it has. As the block is narrower than the bulkier 600 wide and 800 wide blocks we manufacture, it can be used in more diverse projects or can complement the larger blocks on more complex builds. This gives our latest addition a great advantage when used in Construction projects.

Not Just Another Block In The Wall

So far we have used the Wallblocs in projects ranging from a Hydro Electric Turbine station to an Underground Bunker and it has also proved extremely popular with tenants who want to protect the inside of building walls from damage from their machinery. The blocks have also been used as protection to existing perimeter fencing and can be used on larger projects accompanied by some of the larger blocks we manufacture.

Each project has been fairly unique so far and we fully expect that the Wallbloc will continue to enjoy lots of success in 2016 and beyond.

If you have a project that you feel our Wallbloc or other Concrete Lego Blocks would be suitable for, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 880 3135, or complete our short contact form here

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