Marketing Assistant

We are looking to employ a marketing executive from April/May/ 2015.

Job Tile:Marketing Executive

Location:Bromborough, Wirral

About Virtus Projects Ltd:

Block Walls is a brand name of Virtus Projects Ltd. Virtus Projects Ltd is a new business and has been trading for 3 years. It manufactures concrete interlocking blocks for the construction and environments sectors. The blocks are manufactured using 97% recycled materials giving them an number of competitive advantages. The blocks look similar to children’s Lego blocks and can build simple structures.

The way we organise and structure the company is fundamental to our ability to expand our operations. With a flat reporting structure, staff at all levels feel involved and responsible; we see ourselves as a ‘learning organisation’. We listen before we talk. We think before we act.  We take responsibility and the only criticism made is constructive. It’s an approach that is driven by our values of mutual respect.

The experience we offer:

We are looking for people to train as marketing executives with the core function of generating leads for the sales function. The leads are to be generated from the internet using social media, email marketing, SEO, telesales, social networking.

Lead generation is to be controlled using Hubspot software. You will be trained to use Hubspot and the concepts of inbound marketing.

Key attributes

The role of a marketing executive is one that calls for a systematic, structured and organised individual, a person who works easily with communication, and understands how to make use of market research to write copy. The job involves writing website copy, articles, blogs and social media posts. A good understanding of English and writing is essential. A person who looks for success as part of an effective team will be best suited to a role of this kind.

Structure and Organisation

Key elements of the role of a marketing executive involve examining market research and interviewing customers using a structured and analytical approach. A person capable of logical assessment of a situation, and organising their approach, will find themselves well suited to this role.

Problem Solving

A marketing executive is a person who is a capable of finding effective and workable solutions to problems using reasoned analysis. Innovation can be important, but it needs to be balanced by the patience and dedication to help put inventive ideas into practice. A person who is not only capable of finding creative solutions to problem, but also has the tenacity to see those solutions put into place, will make an effective marketing executive.

Part of a Team

A role of this kind typically gives scope for direct personal expression: rather, a marketing executive works within a productive team. Even in a leadership or management role, the working of the team will still be vital to the success of the job, and relevant technical expertise will remain essential. Candidates for a role of this kind must be ready to work productively and conscientiously, and be ready to integrate the results of their efforts with those of others.

Personal attributes

To be a successful marketing executive you will need to have the following attributes:

  • Personable
  • Determined
  • Self disciplined
  • Creative
  • Great communicator
  • Strong influencer
  • Enthusiastic
  • Good listener
  • Ambitious
  • Relationship builder
  • Adventurous


A first class honours degree or 2.1. in marketing, business, english, journalism


The starting salary will be £18,000 per annum

Application Process

The first stage of the process is to read through this document carefully and ask yourself if this is the job for you. Do you have the personal attributed listed above?  If you can answer ‘yes’ to all the above, then complete the application form.  The application form is designed firstly for us to ascertain whether you may be the right candidate but secondly to give you a flavour of the type of company we are and that we are taking this role seriously.

Please answer the questions as honestly as you can.  Do not make things up or insert things that you think we may want to hear.  We will be discussing your answers in more depth if you progress to the next round, so best to be honest atthis stage and miss a question out if you cannot think of a relevant example/answer.

Applications must be submitted by midnight on 29th March 2015.  Applications after this date will not be considered.