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We are engineers, supporting engineers to find flood protection solutions.

I remember as a child using my imagination to build all sorts of things using lego blocks. I am still doing it today at the age of 60. We manufacture interlocking concrete lego blocks. My job now is to use my imagination to find solutions to civil engineering problems using concrete lego blocks.

A great issue within the UK today is flooding. Finding flood protection solutions that are fast and economical to build.

To this end we have developed a flood protection solution that uses interlocking concrete lego blocks.

The construction is simple, fast and economical compared to traditional concrete structures.

The construction is a 600mm wide wall consisting of two skins of 300mm walls. The vertical joint in the middle of the wall is waterproofed using a heavy duty membrane. This stops water passing through the joints of the wall. The wall is then capped off with a 600mm wide x 300mm high coping block, locking the blocks together at the top. This is a very fast and simple construction.

We have designed a 600mm wall as described above and also a heavy duty wall that can be 750mm wide or 900mm wide. The difference is the two skins of wall are either 150mm or 300mm apart giving a 150mm or 300mm cavity. The cavity is then filled with waterproof concrete. The cavity concrete can then be reinforced to allow the wall to be built higher. The waterproof concrete in the cavity seals the joint within the lego block construction. The 300mm block walls act as formwork as well as the outside finish of the wall.

Flood Protection Design and Build Guide

We have produced a flood protection solutions design guide that details the failure modes of flood defence walls and practical solutions to build them. Click on the image below to get your free copy now!

Flood Defence CTA

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