Concrete Washout Constructed Using 300mm Wide Concrete Lego Blocks

We spoke at the start of the 2016 about one of our new Concrete Lego style blocks which is just 300mm wide and started causing quite a stir immediately after product launch.

Clients seem to love the block because of it’s size, versatility and the different projects it can be used on however we wanted to demonstrate with a recent Concrete Washout design and build, just how versatile this block really is.

The Challenge

We received a call in February asking us if we could provide a solution for a Concrete company in Southern England who wanted some Concrete Wash Pits designing and constructing for their Concrete Mixer Trucks. The 600mm wide and 800mm wide blocks would have been too big to use because of the intricate nature and design of the build, so the client mentioned the 300mm wide blocks to us, and we started designing the project for them.

The Process

Concrete washout pits are used to contain Concrete washout, when trucks, chutes, drums and hoses are rinsed out after delivery to sites. Wash pits must be implemented on sites where concrete slurries are generated. Concrete washout management prevents the contamination of storm water with high Ph. and additives that may cause adverse impact to water quality.

Concrete Washout Pit Solution

Once the client was happy with the amends made to the design, this is how we designed the final solution.

lego washout

The solution was designed in stages to ensure that the client could see exactly how the Wash Pit should be constructed, and with what blocks. There were 5 different types of blocks used in the design but we also decided upon a rebar solution which would provide the Wash Pit with additional mass strength.

concrete washout 2

50mm diameter ducts were cast into the blocks and aligned to allow 20mm rebar to be grouted in. This then created a solid mass of wall that is extremely strong.

62m2 of blocks were used in each wash pit using 1800mm long x 300mm wide, 1500mm long x 300mm wide, 1200mm long x 300mm wide, 900mm long x 300mm wide and finally 600mm long x 300 wide blocks.

What can be achieved with BlockWall’s solutions is open to your imagination. If you have an idea of how you can use the blocks, we will be happy to help you design your solution up

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