Why Concrete Lego Blocks Are Perfect For Silage Bays

In our recent blogs we have discussed the different uses for our Concrete Lego Block solutions, including the cost effectiveness and versatility of them, however we have omitted one of the most common sources of enquiries made to us via telephone and via the website on a daily basis. The agriculture industry and more specifically Silage Bays.

We supply our solutions to many different industries around the UK, including Construction, Waste Management, and the Environmental sectors to name but a few.

However, not many people will know what a great match our solutions are for the Agriculture Industry and particularly for use on farms as Silage Bays.

What Is Silage?

Silage in its raw form is a type of conserved grass that is made by farmers mostly during the summer months when grass is plentiful and isn’t being eaten by their livestock.

It is normally fed to cattle during the winter months and is preserved under acidic conditions which effectively ferment and pickle the crop

It can also form the bulk of the livestock diet for anything up to 6 months of the year but especially during the winter months.

After the grass has been mown it is normally offloaded into a bay or an area covered with sheeting so it is air tight and then often held tight with tyres to ensure good quality feed for the winter months.

Silage Bays

Silage Bays themselves have historically been made from concrete panels, or whatever was available on the farm itself but not all provide a sturdy, cost effective solution in keeping this vital commodity airtight and dry during the winter so alternatives have been explored that may provide farmers with a much simpler solution.

When we install our Concrete Lego Block solutions one of the first things our clients comment on, is the fact that they are so versatile. Provided the ground is firm and flat, no foundations need to be dug out and we can supply walls in excess of 3 metres tall and as wide as you like. They are relatively easy to move with a forklift due to the lifting clutch cast into each block which makes them a perfect fit for farms and specifically Silage Bays.

Each block is made from Geo Polymer concrete too ensuring that the strength is perfect for their use, and the blocks come in 600mm and 750mm thickness ensuring they can withstand heavy machinery and materials being stored within them. Our Blocks have also been used in the construction of buildings in the past for a dark room so the possibilities are endless when it comes to Silage solutions.

If you are currently looking at Silage storage solutions or would like to discuss one of our solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 880 3135

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