The Worlds First Recycled Concrete Lego Blocks

We have developed a concrete formula that uses 87% recycled aggregate, sand, and only contains 4% of cement that is bonded with our secret ingredient. The mix delivers a crushing strength of 15N/mm2.

This means our manufacturing costs are reduced and we can pass on the savings to you. You will find our concrete lego blocks are the most competitive on the market.

We offer two types of concrete lego blocks Virtabloc and Stackabloc. The only differences between the two blocks are their shapes and dimensions.

Each block is manufactured using the same methods and materials.

The blocks can be used for:

Material bays, recycling bays, fire walls, blast walls, retaining walls, protection of buildings, security barriers, salt barn buildings, temporary construction works, permanent formwork and lots of other uses


Virtabloc Concrete Lego Blocks

Concrete lego blocks 1500mm, 900mm, 600mm long x 600mm wide  x 600mm high. Ideal for material, aggregate, recycling bays, temporary buildings and many other uses. The weight of each block is in the table below. Follow us on Twitter

Concrete Lego Blocks

Stackabloc Concrete Lego Blocks

Concrete lego blocks 1500mm, 750mm long x 750mm wide  x 440mm high. Ideal for retaining walls and temporary buildings as they give great stability under load. This is due to being wider than the Virtablocs, the blocks can be double bonded with tie blocks delivering highly effective retaining wall characteristics. The weight of each block is in the table below. We can design structures for you including design calculations. Follow us on twitter.

Concrete Lego Block


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