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As we have diversified our Product range for 2016 we felt it would be a good opportunity to now write a blog on the weight and dimensions of our Concrete Lego Blocks to give customers and potential customers a good indication of exact dimensions and weight of our blocks. This is one of the most frequently asked questions we field on a daily basis from potential customers

Since the start of 2016, we have introduced 2 new Concrete Lego Blocks into the range, which is the Wall Bloc measuring just 300mm in width and the Stackabloc which is 800mm in width. Both blocks have been extremely popular so far in 2016 and we expect that will continue to be the case throughout 2016 and beyond. However, the first block we’re going to look at in this blog is the Virtabloc.


Our Virtabloc is most commonly used for Material Push Walls and Segregation bays in the Waste Management sector but is also regularly used for Retaining Walls and also Bund Walls. The blocks are extremely versatile and have also been used to create Silage Bays and used in Ports too.

The Virtabloc is manufactured in 3 different sizes. The larger block is 1800mm in length x 600mm in width, and 600mm in height and weighs 1425 kg’s. Typically, the trucks we use to deliver the blocks to customers will manage to fit 19 of these blocks onto one load due to weight restrictions.

The smaller blocks in the range which can be used in conjunction with the other size blocks are 900mm in length x 600mm in width, x 600mm in height and weighs 712 kg’s. The Smallest Virtabloc in the range is just 600mm in length, x 600mm in width x 600mm in height, and weighs only 475 kg’s.

The smaller block is regularly used to act as bonding for corners and the ends of walls but they can be used as standalone blocks too. We can also manufacture the bigger block in lengths of 1500mm for different projects if required.


In comparison to the Virtabloc, our Stackabloc Concrete Lego Block is used in more aggressive environments where a larger block is required. Again these blocks would be used as heavy duty Push Walls and Material Bays, but also for stronger Retaining Walls, Blast Walls, Flood Defence projects and also as Fire Walls.

The Stackabloc is manufactured in 2 different sizes, 1600mm in length x 800mm in width and 800mm in height and this bigger block weighs in at 2250 kg’s or 2.25 Tonne each. We would only get around 12 of these blocks on one load compared to the smaller Virtabloc too. The smaller block in this range is 800mm in Length, x 800mm in Width and 800mm in Height and is again used as bonding when putting the finishing touches on a wall or bay for example.


We spoke in a recent blog about the versatility of our newest block in the range and some of the more unusual projects it has been used on recently. If you missed it take a look here

The Wallbloc is quite unique in our Market Place as it offers a nice alternative to some of the bigger blocks and can be used in more diverse projects.

The largest Wallbloc is 1800mm in length, x 300mm in width, x 600mm in height and weighs 712 kg’s. There are 2 smaller Wallblocs to complement its larger companion on projects which are 900mm in length, x 300mm in width, x 600mm in height and weights 356 kg’s. The smallest block in the range is just 600mm in length, x 300mm in width x 600mm in height and weighs only 237 kg’s

These blocks have been used on projects ranging from Interior building wall protection to underground bunkers so have huge potential in terms of their uses.

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