Concrete Block Retaining Walls

You can use our geopolymer interlocking blocks for retaining earth and rock slides. The type of block and number will depend on the loading condition, soil type, water table and other considerations. The blocks can be used by themselves or with geo mats to give greater stabilisation. We can design retaining walls from 600mm high to 6m high using the mass of the blocks as the core retaining force. Greater height of walls can be achieved using geo mats.

Example 1

This is a simple retaining wall build from our Arcon blocks. These are 1.5 x 0.6 x 0.6m in size. The wall is laid on a raft with a central kicker that resists the slip force. The wall is very quick to build. The raft is laid first with the kicker starter bars cast in. The first layer of blocks is laid then concrete poured between the blocks to for the kicker. The remaining of the wall is then built. If the site is ready for the blocks, the blocks can be lifted into place directly from the transport lorry.

Example 2

This is a similar retaining wall built from our Pyramid blocks. These blocks are 1.5 x 0.750 x 0.440m in size. The wall is laid on a raft that is cast 300mm below ground level. The kicker starter bars are placed at the front of the wall. The blocks are then laid set 500mm back. The kicker is then cast using a standard concrete. Again this is a very fast method of construction and if the site is ready, the wall can be built from the transport lorry.

Retaining Wall Design

We can design your retaining wall for you. Complete the form below giving the length of the walls, height of the walls, number of walls, retaining material, earth, sand, rock, clay, delivery address and we will calculate the best block option, the number of blocks you needs together with a quotation for the supply and delivery to site.