From time to time, we receive enquiries from potential clients in the UK asking whether our Concrete Lego Blocks would be suitable for their project. On the whole they are generally straightforward, however from time to time we receive enquiries that astound and intrigue us at the same time. Based on this, we have written this blog to give you an idea of some of the more unusual requests we’ve received recently, along with other projects that have used Concrete Lego Blocks from around the globe.

Underground Bunker

At first we had to ask twice, however once we’d clarified this is exactly what this potential client was asking for, we designed a solution fit for purpose. Our client provided drawings, imagery from the site and dimensions for the build and was exploring different solutions to give him the most cost effective and practical building. We never established the usage of the Bunker however, it certainly is one of more unusual requests we’ve had over the last few months

Pot Hole Repairs

Trials have started in India to use Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks in roads that have been damaged by burst water pipes and sewers. If the trial is successful then the blocks will be rolled out in other parts of the country too. The reasoning behind the usage of blocks in roads was so they could be easily removed if parts of the road needed to be dug up due to a burst pipe and then re-laid again without any trouble afterwards. Great logic, however can’t see it catching on in the UK any time soon

Housing Shortage

In many provinces of Pakistan, giant concrete blocks have been used to build housing in the region. However, they have also found to their cost particularly in seismically active zones, that the blocks aren’t really upto the job of staying erect when an earthquake strikes. The construction and resistance of the blocks are weak and in many cases haven’t been anchored to the ground, or even attached to the roof!

X-Ray Room

One of the most unusual requests we have received regarding our Concrete Lego Blocks came 18 months ago and turned out to be from a local company who were looking to build an in-house X-Ray laboratory and dark room. The walls were required to be at least 750mm wide in order to contain the X-Ray and Gamma X-Rays when the machinery is in use so build it we did and the room is still used for the same purpose to this day. Read more here

Shipping Container Stand

Not something you’ll see every day or expect to receive an enquiry for, but this client called us recently looking for a solution to stand Shipping containers on! These containers can massively vary in weight depending on length and contents but generally weigh anything upto 65,000lbs. Providing an accurate and safe solution for this project was tricky to say the least however along with our in house engineer, find a solution we did.

Sugar Cane Storage

One of the biggest request for Concrete Lego Blocks we’ve had over the last few months, and this time it was to build a bund structure over 600m2 to accommodate over 1m tonnes of Sugar Cane in the UK. It’s not an enquiry we’ve come across before, and wasn’t what we were expecting when we first started talking to the client about our solutions, however it turned into a sweet deal for both parties involved. I know, I know, I’m sorry.

Although our Concrete Lego Blocks are more commonly used as Retaining walls, Segregation Bays and push walls in the Waste Management industry, there are occasions when we receive enquiries and orders that leave us scratching our heads in bemusement, before we get to work on designing a solution for the project.

If you have an enquiry, for a Retaining wall or Segregation Bay, or even something a little more out of the ordinary, please call us on 0800 880 3135 and we’d be delighted to assist you with your project.

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