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Here at Blockwalls, our Concrete Lego Block products are used across many industries, including Construction, Demolition, Flood Defence, Agriculture, and Transport to name but a few, however one of the biggest markets for our products over the past couple of years has been to the Waste Management and Recycling sector in the UK. We provide Waste Segregation solutions to many of the biggest Waste Management players in the UK and also lots of smaller ones too, and our products are a fantastic solution to the ever changing needs of Waste Management companies, throughout the UK.

With that in mind we like to keep up to date with latest news and information from Waste Management related websites around the UK on a daily basis.

Our latest blog takes a look at 5 of the best Waste Management blogs in the UK. We’ve tried to include a diverse selection of blogs within our post and find these particular blogs go above and beyond when it comes to fresh new informative content presented in an excellent way for their readers.

  • http://www.rabbitgroup.co.uk/news/

Rabbit Waste Management are a family run company who take industrial waste and turn it into Green energy. Based in West Sussex the site also offers Skip Hire, and Trade Waste services to their client base. The Rabbit Waste Blog in our opinion is absolutely fantastic. Unlike a lot of Waste Management blogs out there both big and small, it doesn’t choose to just talk about itself all the time and promote their own business and services. Instead it provides lots of useful information from both a top tips and legislative perspective and is very easy to read and understand. We also found with the Rabbit Waste blog that the variety of the blogs was geared perfectly for their target audience with titles such as “What makes a good waste partner”, “What happens when we fail to recycle”, and “5 Reasons you should get involved with Earth hour” all providing excellent content for their different audiences. We would certainly recommend bookmarking this blog as it’s full of fantastic information and useful tips.

WRAP is a registered charity whose vision is based around the ethos of using resources sustainably, re-defining what is possible through re-use and recycling in addition to looking at how we design, use, and consume products across the UK.

WRAP’s blog is our go to guide for information ranging from information on the Circular Economy to Recycling rates and targets in the UK, in addition to their excellent coverage on European and Global news stories.

WRAP work with industries ranging from retail and agriculture to Waste Management and Hospitality and do some amazing work for all of these industries. It’s their focus on Waste and their unwavering determination to create a more sustainable environment in the UK which provides us with lots of admiration for them in addition to their superb content. Definitely worth a look.

WasteCare were originally set up in 1980 to recycle Photographic, X-Ray and printing waste for the production of silver but have since diversified into many other fields of waste streams. They currently have over 1000 Waste Streams coming in from lots of different sectors and employ over 400 people at their sites around the UK.

What we love about WasteCare’s content creation is the amount of topics they cover, the easily digestible size of their blogs, and also the regularity of their content too.

As we mentioned earlier, WasteCare are a fairly large business who cater for lots of different audiences all over the UK, so they’re content covers the majority of their target personas. They aren’t shy about promoting their services but at the same time don’t feel the need to turn every piece of content they write into a piece for self-promotion either so their blog in our opinion gets a thumbs up!

Reconomy are an outsourced recycling and resource management company based in Shropshire. The company specialise in 4 key areas. Construction, Infrastructure, Industry and House Building. In addition to being an Outsourced supplier of Waste Solutions, Reconomy have also acquired a number of businesses over the past few years to add to their already impressive portfolio of clients and partners.

Their website provides a fantastic user experience however it’s their blog which pleases us the most. The content is the well written, informative, and is easy on the eye. The blogs they publish are current and cover their target personas. However, it’s also the free downloadable guides they provide which give us the most sense of satisfaction too. Their entire Marketing through the website is based on the Inbound Marketing philosophy to entice users by providing free takeaways and keep them in their sales funnel through all the different stages of a sale. This is certainly one blog which you should be bookmarking and checking back on regularly.

SWR or Specialist Waste Recycling were founded almost 8 years ago, with three objectives, to deliver great service, maximise recycling, and establish cost savings for their clients. SWR’s mission is to help companies improve their environmental performance and save money at the same time. Their services include Food Waste Consultancy, to Waste Collections. The company also offers consultancy and works with some of the largest brands in the UK on their Waste Management strategy.

The SWR website is easy to navigate around, has great calls to action and has a fresh and easy feel to it, and their blog is no exception.

The Content within the blog, as throughout the site is fresh, regular and easy to read. It also covers a wide range of topics ranging from Scrap Metal Waste, to food recycling. The content is well written and presented, and interesting enough to keep you reading on. Definitely worth a visit if you have a few minutes.

In our opinion these are 5 of the best UK Waste Management blogs in the UK. These are our go to blogs when we’re looking for ideas, up to date news and updates on the industry and legislation changes. These 5 are a diverse mix of Waste Management, Charities and Consultancy’s however they all invest in the content they produce and the results are visible on their websites and blogs.

Do you agree with our list or are there some hidden gems out there who we’ve missed? Let us know we’d be delighted to hear from you.


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